Zara Julius - Konjo

Zara Julius © Goethe-Institut Johannesburg

KONJO is a Pan-African creative research and cultural consultancy that curates, facilitates and produces moments of cross-cultural creative connection within South Africa, the greater African continent and across the African diaspora with an emphasis on the global south. KONJO decenters the written word in cultural production, and considers the ways music, art and performance possess significant archival vitality and potential. Drawing on the spirit of fugitivity and ingenuity, we are committed to a compassionate and deliberate curation, creative direction and production of immersive and experienced-based projects across genre and medium. Meaning ‘beautiful’ in Amharic, KONJO is born from a frustration with the limited exchange of knowledge and cultural collaboration across the African continent and our diaspora, and aims to centre ‘otherwise’ narratives through the beauty of creative productions that hold cross-cultural collaboration and cultural mobility at the core.

In addition to producing our own projects through experience-focused events and content, KONJO offers a variety of consultancy services for key industry players across the cultural sector, including but not limited to archival and qualitative research, project and residency facilitation, creative direction, multidisciplinary curation, programming and the production of creative installations.