A Maze Train Station

The A MAZE - Train Station Guided Tour

A Train Station that is run by A MAZE and the Goethe-Institut South Africa. Discover stunning worlds and lots of opportunities! Presented by Thorsten Wiedemann, Stefanie Kastner and Vulane Mthembu for the Perpetual Beta 2022 - Wake. Me. Up. Festival.

The Goethe-Institut has hosted four amazing experiences at the A MAZE. Train Jams in South Africa 2018 to 2021. Usually, we take Gauteng based developers and international game and VR developers on the legendary Shosholoza Meyl Train from Johannesburg to Cape Town. On that trip, we make games and the results get exhibited at Playtopia MGA and on our itch.io platform. But since 2020 due to COVID-19, our program has changed and last year we jammed in VRChat and during that process created the incredible A MAZE. Train Station. Due to the SA regulations and the current situation, a physical game jam on a train is still too precarious. Therefore we've decided to become hyper hybrid and bring game creators from the Johannesburg area together at the Goethe-Institut A MAZE Train Station. The train station is developed by architects, sound designers and world builders and runs on the VR Chat platform. The submissions are usually also open to the international game dev community who can join online too. 

The A MAZE. Train Jam in collaboration with Goethe-Institut Johannesburg welcomes Subsaharan African and international game makers. Partner event this year is Africa Games Week. 

  • VR with trees ©Goethe Institut Johannesburg
  • VR flamingo ©Goethe Institut Johannesburg
  • Dark VR train station ©Goethe Institut Johannesburg
  • Two VR flamingos in a building ©Goethe Institut Johannesburg
  • Two pink VR flamingos in a building ©Goethe Institut Johannesburg
  • A VR flamingo next to a riverbank with a bridge over it ©Goethe Institut Johannesburg