Hub@Goethe Photo: Goethe-Institut Südafrika / Shirin Motala

HUB@GOETHE is a mentorship programme for cultural and social entrepreneurs who have great ideas with a lot of potential, but are lacking the hands-on entrepreneurial skills to get their businesses off the ground. The new intake of entrepreneurs have recently been selected for the fourth cycle of the Programme, however due to the unprecedented increase of coronavirus cases, we have had to postpone our starting date until further notice.

HUB@GOETHE is a seven month programme, run in cooperation with Karani Leadership, focusing on real-life business development from envisioning to pivoting. It includes different formats of learning: our one-week Business Boostcamp makes sure that even the last creative gets their numbers in order, our Feedback Fridays create a space for honest, constructive feedback and Strengths Coaching helps the Hubbers (our affectionate name for the entrepreneurs) to develop and grow their personalities in areas most beneficial for their businesses. Next to skills training, HUB@GOETHE offers a physical co-working space situated in our Library, where the Hubbers have access to uncapped Internet, printing facilities as well as meeting rooms. The programme follows a “Hot-Desk” model, whereby the entrepreneurs are encouraged to make use of the whole library space, in an effort to create a “living” library.

HUB@Goethe is part of The Cultural Entrepreneurship Hub project, a collaborative project with the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship (SCE), funded by the German Federal Foreign Office. It is supported by the network of public funding agencies for the cultural and creative industries in Germany (Promoting Creative Industries - PCI) and Kreative Deutschland.

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Imagination Night main © Masimba Sasa

Imagination Night

The Imagination Nights are a series of events by entrepreneurs of HUB@GOETHE. It is their opportunity to introduce their businesses to the public.

Imagination Space © Earl Abrahams

Imagination Space

The purpose of the Imagination Space is to be a platform where previous and current participants of the HUB@GOETHE mentoring programme can workshop their art within it and prototype new ideas.