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Goethe Stories
Episode 1: 25 Years of Goethe

25 Jahre GI Johannesburg Eingang
© Goethe-Institut Johannesburg

The first episode looks back at our 25th anniversary and captures the voices and opinions of our partners from South Africa.

Speaker Segments

00:00 Intro Segment: Sound Of Xee

04:19 International Mother Language Day – Panel discussion snippet(Dr Samia Chasi)

06:25 Snippet: Karien Brits

08:40 Snippet: Dr Makhosi Khosa

11:14 Snippet: Prof Jonathan Jansen

15:39 Interview: Mukundi (Ambani-App) 

23:01 Interview:Zukisa Wanner

28:17 Interview: Tumi Moroeng 

32:14 Interview: Ralf Gum

40:21 Interview: Klaus Krischok

45:00 Outro Segment: Sound Of Xee


1: Hugh Masekela - Languta
2: Thandi Ntuli - Cosmic Light (Radio Edit)\
3: Thandiswa - Thongo Lam (Iyeza)
4: Abdullah Ibrahim - Kramat
5: Malombo - Mbaquanga Blues
6: Joseph Jarman - Don Moye Feat Johnny Dyani - Mama Marimba
7: Ralf Gum - Take Me to My Love (Album Instrumental)
8: Busi Mhlongo - Ukuthula

Sound Of Xee Info’s: