Digital Memory Toolkit

The Digital Memory Toolkit provides information for African NGOs, libraries, archives, museums and schools to initiate and run their own digital memory projects, using free, open-source technology and community volunteers. Preserving and sharing local knowledge is an important aspect of community projects, however digital literacy can be a hindrance for the volunteers. The toolkit addresses this by providing insight and tools as well as empowering community members through skills and training.

The toolkit was commissioned by the Goethe-Institut Johannesburg in order to assist libraries to help their customers and community groups to successfully working in this field. It was developed by the founders of the uLwazi Programme, Niall and Grant McNulty of McNulty Consulting, the Digital Memory Toolkit provides all the information you need to launch your own project within your community, including case studies of successful projects and templates to get you started.

McNulty Consulting partners with communities and cultural organisations to develop and promote access to digital cultural resources and local knowledge in Africa.