Act of theatre Cover Up peers through the fourth wall

Cover Up“ von Mamaza
Cover Up“ von Mamaza | Photo: © John Hogg

The German Trio, Mamaza, toy with the act of theatre in the Dance Umbrella piece Cover Up.

There was something very honest in the overall taste of the performance, as though every well-crafted moment had been occurring for the first time. And, indeed the presence of the performers in their bodies on stage and what we call theatrical presence allowed you to feel more present in a theatre auditorium than one generally does when looking through the invisible fourth wall. In Cover Up, there was no cover up, we were allowed to peep in through the window and pulled into a number of different rooms with different colours and textures; and then we were conspiratorially forced to laugh at ourselves for the collusion.

Written by Nondumiso Msimanga, first published on

As part of the Dance Umbrella 2013 (31.08. – 14.09.2013) programme, the Goethe-Institut supported the performance Cover Up – conceived, staged and performed by Ionnis Mandafounis, Fabrice Mazliah and May Zarhy; or MAMAZA, as they are collectively known. The three dancers are members of the internationally renowned William Forsythe Company (Germany).