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NAO-Roboter im Prager Goethe-Institut© Pavlína Jáchimová / Goethe-Institut

Robot in Residence

A NAO robot travelling through three West African capitals for three months. This is part of a regional project on diversity in artificial intelligences initiated by the Goethe-Institut. The goal is to teach the NAO local cultural skills in the selected host countries.

Robot in Residence

About NAO

In the "Robot in Residence" project, the dark gray NAO 6, which stands about 60 centimeters tall and weighs just over fifteen kilograms, will travel through three African capitals. He will stay in different capital cities for only one month during his journey.

NAO is the sixth generation of the interactive humanoid robot NAO, developed by the Japanese-French company SoftBank Robotics. It is in use worldwide and serves primarily as a research object for educational institutions. Its 25 degrees of movement make communication with NAO seem particularly natural. The robot has various sensors as well as modules for speech, object and face recognition and speaks several languages.

NAO travels inconspicuously from country to country in a hard-shell case. This resident robot has been sent by the Goethe-Institut to three countries in Africa on an intercultural exploratory tour of Africa. It crosses borders unhindered and will make a guest appearance in a different country each month. His journey in Africa starts first in Abidjan, then in Accra and finally in Dakar.

During this program, he will be mentored and further programmed by coders and artists, depending on local issues and frameworks, so that he learns cultural skills and abilities from each host country.


The station

Goethe-Institut Accra © Maria Teichmann

November 2022
Nao in Accra