©Thandi Pinto from the series 'I love Maputo' 2300 x 1000
©Thandi Pinto

​The Regional Project democraSEE brings three photography workshops to Abidjan, Dar-es-Salaam and Maputo.

The democraSEE Workshop develops workshops across the African continent, that consider social, political and identity concerns through photography. democraSEE MAPUTO was presented from 23 November to 04 December 2020, and democraSEE ABIDJAN and democraSEE DAR-ES-SALAAM will follow in 2021.These workshops stem from democraSEE, an award and mentorship platform initiated by Photo: (Johannesburg, South Africa) and presented by John Fleetwood.

Presented with the Goethe-Institut, Photo:, and local collaborators, these workshops bring together groups of practicing photographers who are concerned with issues that have an impact on our human and social rights and how photography practice can build responses to this. The workshops are a 10-day photography encounter to encourage new photography stories and discussions on issues relating to how we understand our changing world and the shifts within photography.

Drawing on a group of 10 photographers, the workshop seeks to develop visual languages and content that open conversation about democracy and human rights, and looks at questions of representation, positionality, complicity, erasure and current positions of in/visibilities.  Participants’ admissions are based on existing work, interests and a short statement of a future proposal. The workshop also looks at how to navigate a world where artists are hindered, censored and excluded from working freely, while also reflecting on the ways in which these concerns have been further impacted in relation to the global Covid-19 pandemic. As the project develops it may lead to future possibilities including exhibitions, publications and other local collaborations.
The democraSEE workshops is collaborative and co-produced project between Photo:, the Goethe-Instituts in Cote d’Ivoire, Tanzania and South Africa as well as the Goethe-Zentrum in Maputo and potentially local photography institutions across the continent.