Play Africa Connects

Play Africa Connects
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Play Africa Connects is a series of unique online dialogues for South Africans to connect with compassion through technology. 

Facing temporary closure due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Play Africa, a children's museum based in Johannesburg, conducted a design-thinking process by reaching out to its audience, which includes families in many vulnerable communities. Parents and their children, are facing an unprecedented sense of insecurity, affecting all areas of life: personal health; emotional well-being; physical safety; education; employment; finances; and social connections. This is compounded by the personal isolation of social distancing and staying at home. In the audience of Play Africa, especially in vulnerable and marginalised communities, parents are searching for opportunities to connect with one another.

Play Africa Connects provides a unique, non-judgmental community space for all families -including for vulnerable communities - to share ideas about how to cope and connect amid the COVID-19 crisis. Topics include self-care for parents, the unique challenges faced by parents of children with disabilities, and coping mechanisms for parents on lockdown in inner-city urban flats.

Currently planned events can be found on Play Africa on Facebook and will take place at these times:

  • 06/05 at 2pm - Building Resilience In Our Children
  • 11/05 at 7:30pm - Supporting Your Child's Emotional Well-Being
  • 13/05 at 2pm - Parenting Children with Disabilities in Lockdown
  • 18/05 at 7:30pm - Parenting Children with Disabilities in Lockdown