Play Africa Connects

Play Africa Connects
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Play Africa Connects was an online series of talks to keep in touch even in times of a global pandemic.

In view of the temporary closure due to COVID-19, 'Play Africa', a children's museum in Johannesburg, was looking for alternative ways of exchange. Families have been and are faced with a sense of great insecurity in all areas of life: personal health, emotional well-being, physical security, education, work, income, and social relationships. In the community of 'Play Africa', especially in the vulnerable and marginalized areas of the inner city, parents are looking for opportunities to get in touch with one another.

'Play Africa Connects' provided an open-minded and safe space for families to exchange ideas on how to cope and network in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. Topics included parental self-sufficiency, the unique challenges faced by parents of children with disabilities, and lockdown coping mechanisms for parents in high-density areas where maintaining social distance is actually not possible.

The online conversations can still be viewed on Play Africa’s Facebook page.