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Artucation participants © Miora Rajaonary

The Artucation Programme

The state of arts education in the city of Johannesburg is such that high schools offer Creative Arts as a compulsory subject in grades 8 and 9, from which learners are given two options depending on the school’s financial resources. If schools are financially well resourced they offer at least one of the four art disciplines within the Creative Arts (visual arts, music, dance and drama) from Grade 10 - 12. If the school has limited financial resources, they would have to approach or be approached by arts organisations or individual arts practitioners to allow some involvement in arts education. At times they do not have teachers to implement this. It is because of this that the Artucation Programme was implemented.
The Artucation Programme allows for nine schools that do not have the access to arts education to have a programme every week. The important factor to this is that there is dialogical facilitation as its pedagogy. We train facilitators to facilitate the Artucation Programme consisting of visual arts, applied drama, film, literature, dance and music. Approximately 180 learners from Gauteng are recipients of this programme.  Learners further use artistic spaces and field trips as, not only a practical example of the art world, but to further initiate dialogues, which comments on learners’ social, political and personal environment. This then becomes a space where they interpret, unpack and translate their own themes.