Centers of Learning for Photography in Africa


The aim of Centers of Learning for Photography in Africa (CLPA) is to contribute to the professionalisation of photography on the African continent by forming a strong educational resource network. The network of independent and self-sustainable training structures promotes and facilitates exchange between training initiatives, mainly in matters relating to curriculum development, teaching methods, contemporary photography discourse and the efficient running of training structures.
The Goethe-Institut’s role of an incubator entails providing the network with financial, intellectual and infrastructural support during the first project phase. Such support mainly consists of designing, organizing and hosting training workshops and meetings in close collaboration the participants. It also entails facilitating networking and exchange between learning institutions, educators and other practitioners in the field, as well as conducting research on educational resources available online and offline.
The project collective consists of representatives for photography training structures from across the continent and the African Diaspora, including Egypt, Ethiopia, Mali, Senegal, Sudan, Nigeria, South Africa and Germany.

Past events:

Launch of the Survey of Photography Learning Initiatives on the African Continent. Conducted by Photo: and commissioned by the Goethe-Institut as part of CLPA.
October 2016

Network meeting and public forum in connection with the 10th edition of Bamako Encounters
October 2015, Bamako
Training of Trainers of Photography (beginners)
May 2015, Johannesburg
Project Management Training
May 2015, Johannesburg
Curriculum Development Meeting -Ttraining Photography
(advanced trainers / educators)
June 2015, Johannesburg