Centres of Learning for Photography in Africa

CLPA Banner CLPA Centres of Learning for Photography in Africa (CLPA) is a network of photography schools and educators from Egypt, Ethiopia, Germany, Mali, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa and Sudan, which ran as a Goethe-Institut project 2015 – 2017.

CLPA was initiated in December 2014 with the aim to strengthen photography training in Africa and to contribute to the professionalisation of African photography and a conducive environment for future generations of skilled and conscious African photographers to evolve.

The individual contexts vary, with each network member facing their own set of challenges, solutions and opportunities. CLPA is based on the premise that the exchange of ideas and solutions is a sustainable way of improving the photography training landscape on the continent.

The Goethe-Institut provided financial, and infrastructural support to the network, incl. hosting conferences, providing platforms for public discussions as well as organising training and workshops in the fields of training, curriculum development and project management.

Up to the end of 2019 the Goethe-Institut fostered the network's newsletter and continues to support follow-up projects. Find out more on the CLPA's new website

The most recent newsletter is available here for download:

Older versions of the newsletter as well as further information can be found at http://www.phototool.co.za/blog/2018/8/8/clpa-newsletter