Xolani Ngesi Singqokwana’s Dream Deferred
GPS projects 2020

Eugene Alberts

Xolani Ngesi Singqokwana’s Dream Deferred was a creative process and theatre performances at the Red Location Museum in New Brighton, Eastern Cape

Actor Xolani Ngesi and writer Xolisa Ngubelanga, both from New Brighton township near Port Elizabeth, devised a theatre production about the life of Mr Singqokwana Ernest Malgas, a key member of the Red Location in New Brighton, and initiator of the idea to build the Red Location Museum, which was to celebrate the remarkable contribution of this township to the cultural and political history of South Africa. Sadly, due to an ongoing conflict between the Port Elizabeth city council and the residents of the Red Location, the museum was forced to close its doors, and has stood abandoned for many years.

Ngesi and Ngubelanga created the performance during a creative process that involved extensive interviews with members of the Red Location community and rehearsals outside the Red Location Museum. The rehearsals involved children from the area, becoming a means to engage young people in discussions and reflections on the importance of preserving the rich cultural history of this area. The theatre performance that resulted from this creative process, entitled Singqokwana’s Dream Deferred, was performed to community members on 28 and 29 of February outside the museum building.