The Hand That Feeds You
GPS projects 2019

​The Hands That Feed You was an open-air exhibition, poster production process and discussions created by Russel Hlongwane and João Roxo in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal.

The Hands That Feed You: Fumbatha Khangeza was a reflection on the dynamics of a global dependency system, tracing maps of economic, political, social and psychological dependency through present day affairs. Hlongwane and Roxo made use of the visual styles of Durban’s bustling inner city informal economy to create a series of posters that reflect attitudes and perspectives relating to this economy. They then created an installation comprising of the posters, flags created by Roxo and bales of second-hand clothing to create an installation in the amphitheatre outside the Workshop Shopping Centre in the Durban inner city.

The exhibition was augmented by an event at the Chairman Jazz Club. A second installation, featuring the posters, as well as products on sale in the streets and markets of the Durban inner city, formed the focus of the event, which also included a film screening and discussions led by the artists.