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I am Science
Stimulating Curiosity in Science

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A major contributor to the gender digital divide is inequitable access to education for girls - and this gap has increased in developing countries since 2013. With the "I Am Science" project, we are introducing a video-sharing app that offers step by step instructions for doing fun, safe and easy science activities at home, and the chance to be rewarded with data and airtime. 

A major contributor to the gender digital divide is unequal access to education for girls - and this gap has increased in developing countries since 2013. I Am Science contributes towards the #eskills4girls initiative, which has been identified as one of the G20 deliverables and seeks to empower girls for the digital transformation.

The Curiosity programme of the project combines exciting science activities, video and digital learning in a two-week course. By allowing girls from underressourced schools in areas like Soweto, Tembisa and Alexandra to explore and learn about the scientific concepts related to their everyday surroundings and present these in entertaining and accessible science videos, the project hopes to increase curiosity in the subjects and shift perceptions about girls in science.

Goethe-Institut Subsaharan Africa

The short, professional videos of the girls doing exciting, hands-on science activities can be watched on YouTube and are turned into video quizzes and published on the local learning app LevelUp. The app allows teen users to earn digital tokens for submitting correct answers, which are redeemable for airtime and data.
Goethe-Institut Subsaharan Africa

In addition to the Curiosity Programme the project introduced its Coding Programme.
The goal of the Coding Programme is to expose girls to basic coding skills and help them produce a tangible project using these skills, thereby connecting coding and programming to their everyday lives and how objects, such as cellphones and cars,work.So far, the programme has been rolled out to South Africa, Kenya and Rwanda and will also expand to other Sub-Saharan countries.

I Am Science is realised within the initiative “Digital Access To Knowledge”. Digital Access to Knowledge is a project by the Goethe-Institut South Africa with financial support of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), implemented by the Goethe-Institut and supported by GIZ.

Article: Digital Access to knowledge

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