The Ingoma Series

Ingoma Series © Alex Productions

The INGOMA SERIES is a collection of musical arrangements, by popular South African musicians, written specifically for children.

Music educator and brass musician Alex Hitzeroth initiated the Ingoma Series in response to the shortage of accessible, documented South African music in suitable arrangements for school music ensembles and orchestras. This lack has led to the South African musical heritage being left out of South African children’s musical education.

In South Africa, a country with so many different languages, cultures and musical styles, teachers and music students have a unique opportunity to showcase the rich heritage of local music, and through music provide a fun, vibrant way to learn more about the country, its musical heritage and the unique and diverse cultures that make up this nation.

Ingoma is the Zulu word for Song. The Ingoma Series is a collection of much-loved South African Classics. These versatile, educational and fun arrangements are designed for mixed musical ensembles.

The arrangements are intended for almost any combination of instruments, from five musicians to full orchestra. It is ideal for school or community ensembles who want to perform at concerts or festivals, as well as for groups of friends and family who just want to play for fun.

At present, there are five different titles in the Ingoma Series, but the repertoire will be added to over the next few months.

All arrangements are available from

​Ingoma Series Goes Digital

With the Covid-19 regulations stopping all school ensemble rehearsals and performances, Alex Productions (with the support of the Goethe-Institut) set about finding an interesting way to keep the music playing.

50 students from seven different schools all recorded their parts to different pieces from the Ingoma Series individually. Over the month of September 2021, these were released as 'massed band' videos, bringing together talented musicians from different backgrounds who didn't even know they were all playing together!