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Izwe © Crater Invertido

Izwe: Plant Praxis - Made You Look

Izwe: plant praxis is a multipart exhibition series curated by MADEYOULOOK for the Goethe Institut Gallery space, which will be realised from March 2019 to February 2020. 
MADEYOULOOK has been considering some of the broader questions of landedness; our relationships to natural life as a trigger or spark for undoing our assumed episteme, and reimagining from the perspective of everyday life. Consequently Izwe: Plant Praxis brings together practitioners working across the world to consider complex questions around land justice in its many manifestations. The Anthropocene, the commons, South Africa’s role in relation to the rest of the continent, our embracing of the neo-liberal order, and our relationships to solidarity movements across the world, all lie dormant in the soil.
MADEYOULOOK is a Johannesburg based interdisciplinary artist collaborative between Nare Mokgotho and Molemo Moiloa. The works of MADEYOULOOK often reference everyday practice; aspects of ordinary life that find simple solutions to ordinary challenges. Notions of knowledge production and epistemic ownership in the wider sense are also central to our thinking.

For more information on the curators, please visit:

or have a look at the currently running exhibition here.

  • Entrance of the Gallery opening for "Parallel Lives" © Earl Abrahams
  • Leaflets on a table © Earl Abrahams
  • Gallery visitors © Earl Abrahams
  • The HK Farmer's Almanac set into a table © Earl Abrahams
  • People listening to the audio section of the exhibition © Earl Abrahams
  • People discussing at the exhibition opening © Earl Abrahams