Moshe Hilkka from Namibia

Moshe Hilkka from Namibia  
Could you tell us about yourself and your background? 

I was born and raised in Namibia, where I live with my husband and two daughters. I am a primary school English teacher and teach grades 5-7. I love reading and reading a variety of different things. For example, magazines and novels. I also like to be creative and try new things!
What prompted you to participate in #libraryselfie2021, and how did you feel when you emerged as one of the winners? 

Everyone knows that prizes attract competitors, so I entered the competition with winning in mind. Our school's donated library is packed with old reading materials, but there isn't a librarian to maintain the library and assist learners. The learners don't visit the library because they believe that there is nothing for them there and, as a result, nothing attracts them. I want them to get exposed to the library environment while they are young. 
How has participating in #libraryselfie2021 contributed to your passion for reading and learning? 

Books, posters, computers, etc. are the only things that you will find in the library. I think that reading corners with interactive materials to attract and engage learners is what is missing from the library. I decided to get adults and children to decorate empty bottles and write letters, paste stories on the bottles etc. These will be used for reading and teaching in English. I want learners to go to the four corners of the library, sit and read stories on the bottles, etc. I am also planning to have reading competitions for grades 1-3 between schools in my circuit.