Sustainable Together: Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals Radical Questions © Goethe-Institut Johannesburg

Sustainable Together is a regional project that is locally implemented together with British Council, focusing on sustainability and civil society initiatives that seek to make an impactful contribution to improving (local) environment. The project does this in two ways: through public engagement like webinars or a talk series and by supporting activities and initiatives that emerge from these.

Call for Proposals: Radical Questions

Together Goethe-Institut and British Council are supporting research and development into the area of sustainable futures, with a specific focus on community-based practice and collaboration.

This open call invites South Africa-based organisations, collectives and creative practitioners to explore a self-identified research question or line of enquiry, with a specific focus on the design of community based, sustainable solutions for all.

In support of the inter-disciplinary nature of this topic, we invite collaborative proposals from artists, designers, makers, community leaders, scientists and technologists that ask critical questions and engage thinking around the collective role of communities in responding to urgent environmental and social issues. Proposals should amplify the voices of different community groups and bring different stakeholders together, to engage in open dialogues that spark collaboration for positive action.

Brief: Radical Questions

We would like applicants to self-identify a question that they propose to use the grant of R100.000 to explore, plus provide detail about why it is relevant and who they would like to collaborate with throughout the project. We are especially looking for lines of enquiry that have a practical output with a tangible impact.

We would like to see proposals that ask bold questions and use creative practice to help shape a more positive future for people, planet and the next generation. We are specifically interested in questions which respond to: indigenous knowledge systems, circular practice, design and material languages, gender and ecology.

We would like applicants to propose the format for how they will explore their specific question, this could be through the form of, but not be limited to; workshops, residencies, podcasts, film, craft, co-design, editorial, community events or other experimental formats.

The maximum funding available per proposal is R100.000, in total there will be three grants awarded to explore three selected questions. Each successful applicant will also be part of a curated webinar series Sustainable Together to discuss or evolve their chosen line of enquiry with additional speakers and share with the public. Narrative and financial report writing as well as cooperation in the PR and M&E process are expected.



Submit a 2 pager or a video no more than 4 minutes explaining:

1. Your question or enquiry

2. Your organisation and partner organisation brief, and how it relates to your enquiry

3. What you would use the resources for

4. What your medium or exploration will likely be

5. Any links to your work you think are relevant to this application


Deadline: 16 May 2021. Late submissions will not be considered.
Submit to: nadine.siegert@goethe with the subject line “Sustainable Together Grant”.

Project Expectations:

1. Explore a self-identified research question or line of enquiry, with a specific focus on the design of community based, sustainable solutions for all

2. Collaborate with an organisation/group/collective/stakeholder outside of your field towards a solution to your enquiry

3. Respond creatively to the question with some output that is shareable

4. Participate in a webinar with others in relationship to your question

5. Engage and contribute to the Monitoring and Evaluation requirements of the project

6. All aspects of to be completed by mid-December 2021

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