Eine Wand aus Büchern © Robert Anasch

Children's and Young Adult Literature in Africa and Europe

A young person's mind can be immensely shaped by what it consumes and literacy at a young age is proven to increase the probability of higher education and success in later life.

During the cultural week “The Burden of Memory” in Yaoundé Photo: Yvon Yamsi


Decolonization is a hotly contested topic in South Africa and beyond. How does colonialism still shape our society? And how are these discussions reflected in the arts and culture?

Newspaper and Computer © Matthew Guay @ Unsplash


We are exposed to different forms of media for much of our everyday lives and how we see the world is shaped by that. This recent but fundamental development makes it necessary to take aspects of it into deep and serious consideration.

Zanele Muholi Header Zanele Muholi exhibition © Goethe-Institut/Lerato Maduna


In a worldwide focus on the theme of participation, the Goethe-Institut looks at topics ranging from questions around ownership of the public space to emancipatory movements and regulation of our communication.

Sustainable Building © Victor @ Unsplash


Climate change and its resulting increase in extreme weather as well as the danger of global financial crisis leads our society to investigate the possibilities and methods of ecological and economical sustainability much more than we used to.