Imagination Space

What is the Imagination Space?

The Library-Gamebox-Hub is an innovative, energetic space, filled with ideas, vision and passion for the arts and Culture. Allowing for imagination and learning to take place and support for one another’s ideas and work is one of its main goals.

To that end, we established the Imagination Space within the Library-Gamebox-Hub in 2019. In this very compact room we see a whole world of potential for creatives to conceive and develop artistic ideas.

The purpose of the Imagination Space is to be a platform where previous and current participants of the HUB@GOETHE mentoring programme can represent themselves by workshopping their art within it and prototype new ideas. Through showcasing the creative processes the Imagination Space, as a living breathing gallery of growth and evolution fits perfectly within the Library-Gamebox-Hub!

Imagination Space © Earl Abrahams