Business: The Body of Gold
Refiloe Mnisi

Refiloe Mnisi Thabang Radebe © Goethe-Institut
The Body Of Gold is a multifaceted, body modification studio. It functions as a gallery and space of transformation. The whole idea is a space where the world is boundless and all that exist is alchemy and the relationship of the alchemist and he's elements. Here the elements are endless art forms that etch themselves eternally. This is tattooing, piercing, splitting, scarring, implanting the whole idea is to be boundless and explore. Reveal the GOLD that is ones true self. There's art and a full sensory buffet to engage in. The best way to say this without compelling you is, call and see it for yourself. I'm a very friendly alchemist. Very willing to take your questions and hear your thoughts. STAY GOLDEN LOVE BOG"