A Maze Train Jam

The A Maze Train Jam is an annual event, where gamers, coders and programmers from around the world come together in Johannesburg, South Africa and are marathon programming on their train ride to Cape Town and the Playtopia Indie Gaming Festival where their results are presented.
Train Jam 2021 © A Maze

A Maze Train Jam 2021 - Let's Game Jam Art

The theme of this year train jam is "Let's Game Jam Art". From 3 to 5 December 25 game creators from Johannesburg and around the world can join us to work on this year's theme "Let's Game Jam Art"


Games from the Amaze Train Jam 2019 Now online!

The Train Jam crew worked throughout their drive to complete their games and we now have the results online! Check the following link to check out the free games: