Episode 3: African Mobilities

GoetheStories 3 AMO
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​For our third installment, we are continuing with our remote podcast series which is recorded completely digitally due to the ongoing lockdown and Covid-19 response.

In the latest episode of the GoetheStories podcast, we are having a conversation about African Mobilities. Host Sound of Xee speaks with Dr Mpho Matsipa founder of African Mobilities. The conversation covers spatial planning practices from pre-colonial times to the current neo-liberal dispensation; and considers how this has impacted on the black experience and bodies. More importantly, it explores imagining other ways of being, for black people of the continent and diaspora. A truly insightful conversation.


Dr Mpho Matsipa: https://africanmobilities.org

Sound Of Xee: www.facebook.com/SoundOfXee

Tracklist of background music:

1. Machine Mailing 
by Xee & CodeKid 

2. Be And It Is
by Fred Buddah 

3. III
by Seventhgaze

4. Roilerbroom
by Frnge

5. Voyage Ye High 
by t.Siza

6. Bala Moussaka 
By Maleem Mahmoud Ghania & Pharoah Sanders