Tia Meka from Côte d'Ivoire

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Could you tell us about yourself and your background?

My name is Tia Meka. I have a high school degree in Philosophy and Letters. Now I'm a first year doctoral student in Environmental Sociology, focusing on Climate Change. I am also an artisan of words, a multi-lingual singer-songwriter (French, German and English). I'm a women's rights activist. Moreover, I'm involved in environmental health education and the promotion of an ecological civism and natural beauty. At the same time, I am also a founder of an organization for the preservation of the environment called BIO MUSIC WORLDWIDE, which calls for change in social behaviour by means of the song in order to raise a "feeling of the nature". 
What prompted you to participate in #libraryselfie2021, and how did you feel when you emerged as one of the winners?  

I became interested in the #libraryselfie2021 contest when I realized that it provided the possibility of combining reading and photography. I have always had a keen interest in education, and as a lover of reading, writing and photography, I can appreciate the value of such an initiative. Winning this contest gave me joy and pride and also allowed me to say that reading was a great pastime. In addition, I got the financial resources to finally carry out my project. 
How has participating in #libraryselfie2021 contributed to your passion for reading and learning? 

Participating in the #libraryselfie2021 contest contributed to my passion for reading and learning, as I received two books (one in French and one in German) in my prize package. Through these books, I have a new opportunity to learn more interesting things. 
As a #libraryselfie2021 winner in your country, how do you plan to continuously contribute to improving learning and reading through libraries? 

As the winner of #libraryselfie2021 in my country, I plan to use my mini-grant to organize a spelling bee (literary contest). I would then like to apply for partnerships to continually contribute to the improvement of learning as a result of the pilot project I will be conducting.