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Eine Gruppe junger Geschäftsleute in einem Sitzungsraum; eine junge Frau reicht einem Mann die Hand.

Courses can be organized to fit each company’s own needs, either at one of our institutes or at your location. If you have questions, please contact our language course office

For the fourth time the Goethe-Institut South Africa has now facilitated Super Intensive Language Courses leading absolute beginners to A1 level for the GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit). 

 The Super Intensive German Language Courses for the region of Subsahara Africa aim at preparing the participants for a one-year stay in Germany. The course’s participants come from – amongst others – Namibia, Simbabwe, Tanzania, South Africa, Sambia and Kenya and work in economic and public institutions. In only four weeks they reach the level Start German-1. Passing the final exam is a precondition for taking part in the support programme of the GIZ in Germany following the language course. 

Throughout this one-year programme in Germany, the participants extend their German skills and take part in qualification trainings relating to their professional background and focusing on various topics (International Leadership Training of the GIZ).

In their collaboration with the Goethe-Institut, the GIZ relies on the outstanding reputation of the Goethe-Institut’s language courses. The Super Intensive Language Course programme has significantly intensified the relationship between both organizations.

We hope that the participants have thoroughly enjoyed the course weeks. When attending 8 lessons of German a day, teaching methods that include some exercise and activating elements such as theatre pedagogy are a must. The following pictures offer some impressions of this unique way of teaching German.

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