LAPA Pan-African Artist Residency
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To apply, please fill out the Google Form above. More information below.
All applicants should receive a response by 2 July 2021.  

LAPA is a communal, experimental space in Brixton and is open to publics. It ideates and hosts forms of (real and metaphorical) gathering and being together where discourse can take place, or time can simply be spent. It is an offering for reflecting on artistic and communal Pan-African practices.  

The Goethe-Institut in South Africa and the Visual Art Network of South Africa  

VANSA (Visual Arts Network of South Africa) and the Goethe-Institut are collaborating to co-conceptualise and launch a Pan-African residency programme for artists. LAPA hosts the Goethe-Institut and VANSA’s teams, and the artist residency as parallel and connected programmes for the intersections of artists, communities and cultural organisations, to develop sustainable exchange.   

The space is evolutive as it invites curiosity and initiates artistic models to engage with human questions. LAPA pursues deeper artistic research in order to maintain lively exchange and discussion, this expands through its programming in the form of LAPA Radio, LAPA Library Jams and LAPA archives. 

What is the LAPA Artist residency?

To initiate the space, LAPA invites practicing artists based in South Africa, to become a resident of Brixton to develop/explore new Pan-African artistic trajectories.  

By inviting artists who work in a variety of mediums, we emphasize experimentation over medium, ‘Only experimentation can build theories of reality’ (Simon Njami, Dakar Biennale: A New Humanity. 2018).  

As a process-based Residency for artistic research, the artist is encouraged to shape their research through new material inquiries and forms. Artists have the space to determine their method and work-plan as motivated by the demands of their research. LAPA commits to facilitate this by offering a working space, supportive programme of discussions, and connections to other art professionals.   

When applying please note the two residency sessions: 

Resident #1: 
Arrival: 2 August 2021 
Depart: 5 November 2021 

Resident #2: 
Arrival: 10 January 2022  
Depart: 29 April 2022 

About your application 

Artists in the early stages of forming new ways of working and developing their artistic research or radically shifting their practice are encouraged to apply. Artists should have a minimum of 5 years artistic practice.  


As the name LAPA reflects the residency’s manifesto, the core principles relate to neighbourliness, conviviality, community, environment and home. Artists are encouraged to engage with ideas of community and propose a public moment for their work during their residency time.  

The outcome as a public moment is arranged on a case-by-case basis. LAPA hosts a ‘function-first’ public space on the ground floor of Breezeblock which is a library, office and exhibition space which can accommodate ephemeral installations, wall based artworks and performative interventions (artist talk, food experiences, workshops). The artist should consider their trace and impact in the community of LAPA and Brixton.  

Accommodation Information  

The artist will live on the third floor in their own apartment, 1 bedroom, office space, 2 bathrooms, kitchen and an open plan dining/living and studio space. Please note, the kitchen area is a communal area for the team’s use.  

Studio Information  

The artist will have a combination lounge/dining and studio space of approximately 25sqm. Artists are welcome to work from the public co-working space on the ground floor. Should the resident have specific studio based needs, this should be clearly outlined in their application.  

What is paid for 

Travel to and from LAPA, living/subsistence, production costs and other supplies. Fee: 10 000.00 ZAR/ month to cover living expenses and materials.  
A separate allocation will be made for the artist's public moment. Artists will also be provided support regarding installation, documentation, PR and coordination. 

About the Goethe-Institut 

The Goethe-Institut is the Federal Republic of Germany’s cultural institute, active worldwide. The Goethe-Institut promotes the study of German abroad and encourages international cultural exchange. 
The Goethe-Institut Johannesburg supports local South African projects, as well as regional exchange within Africa. 

About VANSA 

VANSA operates as a support point and development agency for contemporary art practice in South Africa. We develop industry knowledge, resources, networks and projects that are concerned with realising new social, cultural and economic possibilities for contemporary art practice in the South African – and wider African – context. VANSA is a national network of artists and arts organisations with just over 7000 members. 


LAPA Artist Studio Residency is situated in Brixton Johannesburg in the Breezeblock complex. It is up the hill from the SABC and is marked by the Sentech tower which can broadcast all the way to Sudan. It has been home to a multitude of communities and was the cemetery used when burying those killed in the Mining strikes of 1913 and 1921. As residential community, it is marked by the everyday commotion of life.