Proposal Writing and Coordination for EUNIC full application

Deadline for the submission of offers:
September 15, 2021

EUNIC global launched a call for ideas for the European Space of Culture project beginning of 2021. The EUNIC cluster South Africa with its local collaborates Hear My Voice, Centre for Creative Arts and the STAND Foundation has successfully submitted a project idea, which has been invited to submit a full application. This project aims at holistically supporting South African spoken word artists in particular and the art form in general. The deadline of submission for the full application is November 4, 2021.

“Right To Speak - Fostering South-North exchange through spoken words on human rights and social issues”

The project "Right To Speak" will establish multiple spoken word events on humans rights and social issues allowing artists to showcase their art. Here, international days like March 21 – International day of Poetry as well as South African Human Rights Day – work as conduits for the supported art form and the content of contributions. Using a flexible combination of virtual and physical formats, "Right To Speak" supports medium-sized and smaller venues in South Africa as well as it allows artists from Europe and South Africa to build and expand relevant networks. Furthermore, the project provides opportunities to participants to further develop their skills.

The objective of this assignment is to complete a full application for the abovementioned funding opportunity by November 4, 2021. For this, the successful consultant (or: group of consultants) will have to engage with the partners mentioned above (EUNIC SA, Hear my Voice, Centre for Creative Arts and STAND Foundation) as well as the EU Delegation in South Africa, as – might it bilaterally or in workshop – to get their input to the project proposal. Other relevant actors can also be consulted, and desk research can be conducted. The objective of this phase is to get an overview of the current spoken word ecosystem in South Africa, its needs and opportunities, possible partners in South Africa and in Europe. Furthermore, the consultant (or: group of consultants) will facilitate a total of three design workshops; two of which will be held virtually while one is planned to happen physically (in Johannesburg or Pretoria). The work must be conducted in September and October 2021.

Essential elements of offer

  • Overview on relevant sector and national/regional expertise.
  • Relevant experience in writing successful grant applications (desirable)
  • Indicative timetable outlining the aspired date of delivery and work effort;
  • Indication of English abilities – especially with regards to communicating effectively in writing.
  • Overview over past experience of the consultant, firm, or consortium submitting an offer covering at least the last three years (maximum the last six years).

Other aspects:
  • Prices must include any taxes and other components (e.g. internet access, working materials, etc.); the Goethe-Institut will only pay the total price as indicated by the offer. Expenditures for travel, accommodation, and alike will be reimbursed to the consultant/group of consultant if these costs have previously been agreed to.
  • The consultant/group of consultants need to be legally allowed to work in South Africa.
  • Potential costs for workshop venues, etc. will be covered through a different budget.
  • Neither the Goethe-Institut nor any other member of the consortium will provide a place to work.
  • Relevant project documents will be made available to the successful consultant
  • Offers need to be submitted electronically (preferably in one PDF) to Johannes Backhaus by September 15, 2021. Later submissions will not be considered.
  • The assignment will start as soon as possible; preferably in September 2021.

Contact for further inquiries
Johannes Backhaus, Senior Expert Cooperation and Third Party Funding,