Film Screening Commitment Phobia (2021)

Film Screening @ Goethe Institut : Generation Beziehungsunfähig @ Helena Hufnagel http:// © Pantaleon Films GmbH, Warner Bros.

Fri, 31.03.2023

7:00 PM

Goethe-Institut Johannesburg

Commitment Phobia (2021)

Director: Helena Hufnagel

Love in the times of Tinder: An equally accurate portrait of the generation "if-I-tie-myself-to-someone-I-will-miss-out", as well as a dashingly staged love comedy about quick sex, simulated relationships and ghosting; and yet romance lurks around the corner.

Director: Helena Hufnagel
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Rated: 12
Duration: 84 Min.
Auditorium, Goethe-Institut

Things are going well for Tim from Berlin: He lives in the most beautiful city in the world and has his dream job in the advertising industry. He's also single. Luckily! Because Tim loves his independence and lives it to the fullest. With no long-term interest, he gets to know one woman after another and enjoys the excitement of new acquaintances. Until Ghost crosses his path. She turns the tables: suddenly Tim wants to get to know her better and is head over heels in love. Ghost has no interest in this at all and turns Tim completely upside down. Now Tim has to try everything to show her what she has in him - and why he's not the only one who should give up his unattached life.