Exhibition Parallel Lives

Parallel Lives - Reconnecting the Tomorrowland © Michael Leung

Wed, 20.11.2019 -
Fri, 20.03.2020

Goethe-Institut Johannesburg

119 Jan Smuts Ave
Corner of Newport Road
Parkwood 2193 Johannesburg

Parallel Lives — Reconnecting the Tomorrowland is an exhibition by two collectives based in Hong Kong: Sangwoodgoon and HK Farm. Sangwoodgoon was founded in the Anti-High Speed Rail Movement and Choi Yuen Village Movement in 2009. HK Farm is an organisation of farmers, artists and designers founded in March 2012. The exhibition presents a range of work produced by the collectives, and their broader community, over the past 5 years. Sangwoodgoon and HK Farms have also invited the Guerrilla Sweet Potato Gardening Project, initiated by artist June Lee in collaboration with collective ● ● Propaganda Department.
This exhibition shares these two collectives’ experiments in farming, agricultural practice and social engagement. They state that their  work looks to “create a platform that connects aesthetic portrayals of the land with the physical working of the land. It seeks to engage audiences with the land, both as a physical site and as a rich terrain of the imagination.” 
Land in Hong Kong is owned by the state and can be, and often is, taken from those occupying it, for commercial development. These collectives therefore operate outside of an ownership paradigm, garnering a connection to the land and to plant life through relationality, labour and activism. 
By including the work of artists both in Hong Kong and based in mainland China, this exhibition also extends beyond the complex political boundaries of Chinese territory. This positions the challenges of our contemporary lives as global concerns not subject to single geographies or political systems, and the need for us all to rethink a Tomorrowland.
The exhibition “Parallel Lives – Reconnecting the Tomorrowland” is part of the exhibition series “Izwe: Plant Praxis” curated by Molemo Moiloa and Nare Mokgotho, who form the interdisciplinary artist collaborative MADEYOULOOK, based in Johannesburg.

The series has been realised at the Goethe-Institut Gallery from March 2019 to February 2020. It looks into some of the broader questions of landedness; our relationships to natural life as a trigger or spark for undoing our assumed episteme. The series has brought together practitioners to consider complex questions around land justice in its many manifestations.
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