Panel Discussion Re-imagining the game cycle: Representation in game content and content creators

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Fri, 16.09.2022

18:00 - 19:30


The panel discussions aim to explore diversity and inclusion in the gaming industry and seek to cater for people interested in e-sport, game development, and game like applications.

This panel discussion seeks to explore the challenges and struggles faced in making diverse content in gaming.


Sithe Ncube has been a part of the African game development scene since 2013 beginning with small community events in her hometown Lusaka, Zambia. Her participation grew locally as a regional organiser for Global Game Jam in Sub-Saharan Africa, various talks and events focused on game development in Africa. She is currently an Associate Producer at Nyamakop and a strategic advisor for Humble Games' Black Game Developer Fund. Sithe also documents African Women in Games through her website.


Aluta Null is a digital artist and game developer. Born and raised in Johannesburg, much of their work has been influenced by the abundance of contrast that is found in Joburg and the tension that arises when these opposing elements interact. They work in a variety of mediums including extended reality, videos, and games to create interactive art that is both personal and political. Null’s work deals with politics, perception, and emotions.
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Wendi Ndaki is passionate about the fusion of art and technology and is the founder of Wendi Art IT. She is a writer and a visual artist with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems Technology from the United States International University- Africa. She has worked in the gaming industry as a writer for 4 years now and she aims to demystify the rising gaming industry one story at a time. She is currently doing so through articles for clients such as Games Industry Africa, PreMortem Games and Jiwe Studios as well as through engaging educational animated content on her company’s YouTube channel.

Eduardo Cachucho is the Creative Director for the Fak'ugesi African Digital Innovation Festival. He is a programme consultant, artist and ex-architect. He has worked in digital innovation in the creative sector for over a decade both locally and internationally, believing that digital creative practices are the key to sustainable empowerment in South Africa and across the countries of Africa.

Alice Seremane has always been playful... but games just allowed her to unlock a new level to her persona and creativity. She started playing at a young age; from board games to keyboard to console. Her passion for games propelled her to study and obtain her qualification in game design from the University of Witwatersrand. Her interest is on making difficult subject matters into playable material for subconscious learning. This led her to becoming a lecturer at Vega School as well as the University of Witwatersrand for game design. She continues to research further on how to make games for learning more accessible and fun as she believes it is a fundamental part of learning often overlooked.

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About the project

#EveryGamerCounts aims to strengthen the inclusion, networking and visibility of underrepresented groups in the South African gaming scene and creates platforms that put the issue of diversity up for discussion.

By organising game jams and panel discussions, where experts from all over the world discuss current issues in e-sports and the gaming community, it seeks to challenge existing stereotypes and raise awareness of obstacles faced by women, minorities and people with disabilities in the industry.

Together, we are thus working for more equal opportunities to contribute to a higher proportion of women, minorities and underrepresented groups in the computer games industry and to more diversity in computer games in the medium term.