Learning German in South Africa


As a South African, you might be interested in global business. Or transport. Or science. Or tourism. Or travel. Or energy. Or technology. Or geopolitics. Or trade. And if you are, the chances are that you’ll be talking to German-Speakers somewhere along the line.

And that’s because:

Germany is South Africa’s second largest trading partner, with exports worth 5.1 Billion Euro in 2012. In the same period, South Africa imported goods from Germany worth approximately 8.8 billion Euro.

The approximately 600 German companies operating in South Africa employ a workforce of some 90,000 - for example, BASF, Bayer, BMW, DHL, German Bank, Mercedes Benz, SAP, Siemens and Volkswagen.

Six South African Universities offer courses in German Language and/or Linguistics.

Several German companies and institutions offer scholarship ooportunities to study in German. One of the most prominent is the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) or German Academic Exchange Service.

After the UK and the US, Germany is South Africa’s third biggest overseas market with 266 333 tourists in 2012 (up 13% from 2011).

Germany speaks to South Africans in a big way. Be part of the conversation.

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