Nicoleta Esinencu / Chişinău

Nicoleta Esinencu

*1978 in Chişinău

Nicoleta Esinencu studied theatre arts and stage design at the University of the Fine Arts in Chişinău. Her play “FUCK YOU,!” (published in German by the Solitude Press, Stuttgart in 2005) won the Rumanian dramAcum theatre prize. Due to its provocative stance on Europe, the work triggered furious political debates in Rumania and the Republic of Moldova. Esinencu’s works have been performed in Rumania, the Republic of Moldova, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Japan, France and Austria. In 2003, she was awarded a scholarship at the Academy Solitude in Stuttgart. In 2006, she received a scholarship to Récollets International Accommodation and Exchange Center in Paris, and in 2007 a theatre scholarship in Bourges, France.