Márton, László

Lászlo Márton

*1959 in Budapest

Lászlo Márton is one of Budapest’s most prominent contemporary theatre directors and writers. Over the last thirty years he has published over 30 works, ranging from novels, stories, plays, to essays and translations. Many of his own works have been translated into several languages. Márton’s early plays were marked by their exaggeratedly grotesque language and the use of absurd situations, while his later works explore the depiction of character and conflicts. László Márton regards his historical dramatic trilogy “The Ambitious” (A nagyratörő), written in the early 1990s, as his most comprehensive and intense work yet. Lászlo Márton’s many awards include the 1991 Tibor Déry Prize, the 1997 Attila József Prize and the 2007 Sándor Márai Prize. He is also a holder of the Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic.