Wall Variations For Beginners – LECTURE-PERFORMANCE

A sociological fitness programme to escape escapism. Let’s put up a wall together! But just as the Berlin Wall was drawn like a thick line under the failure of a certain communist Utopia, the European walls in the south of Spain and Italy bear witness to the failure of liberal capitalism. So Pieter de Buysser suggests that we think up walls made of different materials. A utopian enclave is created here, together with the audience, a few ghosts and historical figures from the past and the future.

MUUR - an open air theatre installation

In 2010 four children left everything behind to settle down on a piece of waste land. In this former no man sland they have constructed a new, circular wall, a gigantic, absurd O that exertsa strange attraction on the city and its inhabitants. The performance begins in 2064 at the moment when new children come to take the place of the wall snow aging residents to continue their quest.

Author Pieter DeBuysser and Inne Goris are working together with composer Dominique Pauwels and allow their highly individual theatrical idioms to interact. The result is a composition, the musicality of which lies not only in the dynamics of the script, the bodies or the space, but primarily in the harmonic balance between these three particular idioms. MUUR is an installation, a stage performance, a teeming vault of stories and a distorted oratorio. But most of all, MUUR is a happening that confronts us with our need of walls and of telling utopian stories.

MUUR takes place out of doors on a piece of wasteland. For the set design LOD called on the wellknown group of architects Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen. They designed an enormous round wall measuring 20 metres in diameter around which the eight amateur actors perform. They are often unable to see each other and only hear from each other from a distance. The audience can wander around freely among the actors, but does not see what is going on on the other side of the wall. This means that each spectator creates their own story during the performance. The audience can listen to the actors, the soprano and the music via headsets. Dominique Pauwels composed the music for a string quintet, a national dobro and electronics. For soprano Lieselot De Wilde he wrote two songs.

Theatre direction Inne Goris
Text Inne Goris and the actors (after stories by Pieter De Buysser)
Music Dominique Pauwels

With Jacob Schoolmeesters, Ernest Eeckhout, Ruth Bruyneel, , Emily de Smaele, Jef Stevens, Roger Filip, Denise Gentbrugge, Greta Simons / Myriam Vancraeynest

Soprano Lieselot De Wilde

Production LOD, Beursschouwburg
Coproduction Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussel)

With the kind support of the Goethe-Institut Brüssel in the context of “After the Fall”, “Interdisciplinair Studiecentrum voor Kritiek en Actualiteit” (ISKA) Studium Generale and the kind support of ONDA.