Sarajevski ratni teatar

SARTR: Sarajevski ratni teatar
Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Founded in 1992

SARTR is one of the co-founders of a Sarajevo puppet theatre studio that offers the only non-formal training for puppet theatre in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project aims to revive the Bosnian puppet tradition that developed during the Turkish era. Six puppet theatre shows have already been produced.

Today, the SARTR director is Osman Arslanagić. SARTR arranges cooperations with international artists and theatres such as, for example, the Slovenian Ex Ponto Theatre and Glob Théâtre from Bordeaux. It has given a total of 208 guest performances in many European countries and received numerous awards for its productions, including the 2003 City of Sarajevo's Sixth of April Award. In 2004, SARTR's play “Longing and the Death of Sylvia Plath” won the Ex Ponto Festival in Ljubljana. SARTR was also awarded the annual Bosnia and Herzegovina theatre prize in 2004 and 2006.