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In a culturally diverse society which is strongly influenced by migration, integration – defined as the social participation of all people living in Germany – plays an increasingly important role. Mobility, interculturality and individual preparation for migration are key thematic areas of the Goethe-Institut’s work, along with a reflective approach and exploration of migration and integration processes and their social and cultural impacts. The Goethe-Institut’s Migration and Integration portal brings together a wealth of information on this topic from various complementary perspectives.

The Magazine pages offer a variety of articles showing how migration is enriching Germany’s cultural and educational landscape in many different ways, making its mark on the education system, film, literature, the depictive arts and theatre. The social changes resulting from migration are the subject of sometimes heated and polarised public debate and are also analysed in humanities and social science research. The column headings in the Magazine pages reflect these developments.

As well as observing and reflecting on the changes taking place, the Goethe-Institut is itself a key player in the German integration landscape – as a training and language course provider, an advisor and a standard-setter. Language is a major key to integration. The pages headed Our Focus turn the spotlight on the Goethe-Institut’s language-related work and offer some useful suggestions, ideas and examples.

With its Migration and Integration website, the Goethe-Institut hopes to encourage everyone with an interest in this topic, both in Germany and abroad, to find out more about the many facets of migration in the modern world and the related discourses, the aim being to encourage dialogue about this important issue.


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