The Power of Language

For more than 50 years, the Goethe-Institut has acted as a mediator of language and culture all around the world. Together with a number of partners, it is now launching the international project “The power of language” as a theme to run for over a year.

The focus is primarily on the role languages (should) play in our world. In what form is language a point of reference for one’s own national identity? What will multilingualism look like in the future? How and where are languages a vehicle of politics? What significance does “The power of language” have in science and commerce? And how is language policy seen today in Germany and abroad?

Questions which are more topical than ever, not only against the background of globalisation, but also in the course of ongoing European integration. People from teaching, research, art and politics discussed them – at local, national and transnational events. The resulting answers and suggestions formed the basis for the concluding event, the great “Festival: The Power of Language” in Berlin.

    Manifesto "Der Sprache die Macht!" - “Power to Language”

    To close the festival „The Power of Language“ on June 16, 2007 the advisory board of the project presented the manifesto postulating “Der Sprache die Macht” – “Power to Language” taking into account different points of view.

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    Publikationen zu „Die Macht der Sprache“

    Publication on "The Power of Language"

    The project "The Power of Language" reflects the role of language in a globalised world. Together with the publishers Langenscheidt-Verlag we have succeeded in compiling an exciting volume for all friends of language and those interested in its power and lack thereof.More ...

    Publication on "The Power of Language"

    A multimedia publication reflects the role of language in a globalised world.

    Online-Publikationen zu „Die Macht der Sprache“

    ergänzend zu der im Langenscheidt Verlag erschienenen Buchpublikation „Die Macht der Sprache“.