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The authors:

Beate Widlok: Degree in Slavonic and Romance Languages and Literature, currently Adviser for Early Foreign Language Learning and the Didactics of Multilingualism at the Goethe-Institut, Munich

PhD Assistant professor Dr. Ana Petravić: Degree in German Language and Literature, currently Head of the Faculty of Teacher Education/Intercultural German. University of Zagreb, Croatia. Principal research interests: didactics of foreign language studies and early learning of foreign languages

Helgi Org: Degree in German Language and Literature, psychologist, textbook author, Continuing Professional Development adviser, teacher (early foreign language learning) at all levels of school including nursery schools, Estonia

Rodica Romcea: Degree in English and German Languages and Literature; trainer of pre-primary staff and primary school teachers in German as a Foreign and Second Language at the Education Lyceum and the Babes-Bolyai University, and at the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences in Sibiu (Hermannstadt), Romania; co-author of textbooks on German as a foreign language.

The Goethe-Institute is grateful to the following for their detailed expertise and valuable advice:
Prof. Dr. Werner Bleyhl, Dr. Peter Edelenbos, Ernst Endt, Prof. Dr. Anemone Geiger-Jaillet, Gila Hoppenstedt, Prof. Dr. Gabriele Kniffka, Prof. Dr. Angelika Kubanek, Prof. Dr. Michael Legutke, Rainer Paul, Prof. Dr. Claudia Riemer

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