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 Eine Straße in einer Stadt auf der viele unterschiedliche Leute mit und ohne Maske unterwegs sind. Im Hintergrund ist ein Tannenbaum, eine Bäckerei und ein Stadtteilzentrum© Tobias Schrank

Advent Calendar 2020

The Goethe-Institut Advent calendar is back!
In 2020 we tell the story of many different residents of the Goetheweg who try to save their district centre in the run-up to Christmas. Will they be successful?

Find out in our Christmas story and daily win Goethe surprise gifts hidden behind every little door! In addition, three German Online Trainings each worth 239,- € will be raffled among all participants this year as well. Participating pays off!

How does it work? Answer the question of the raffle eligibility here in the comments or on Instagram and win! Have fun with the residents of the Goetheweg!

Naughty! Check back later, and see what we have left for you!
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© Tobias Schrank

Don't miss a door!

Never miss a door! Unsplash | Photo: Mohd Zuber Saifi

German Online Training

Deutsch Training Online Take part in the Goethe Advent calendar raffle and win one of three German Online Trainings. Start at language levels A1, A2, B1 or C1 and learn German independently anytime and anywhere.

 Learn more about the German Online Trainings



Christina Benesch, Antonie Habermas, Lisa Meyer, Aljona Heorhinska, Svenja Hoffmann and Natascha Holstein designed, edited and managed the advent calendar with lots of love and Christmas sweat. Tobias Schrank conjured up the key visual, Schneider Media developed the Advent calendar script.