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Advent calendar
7. December

apple rings and fir cones

It's the weekend, and I finally find time to spread a little Christmas spirit in my flat-sharing group. I really love the Christmas season and its images and scents, and I also want to decorate my home and make it cosy. On my walk in the snow I collected fallen fir branches and cones. I dried them for a few days and decorated our windowsills with them. I also made paper snowflakes, which I hang in the windows. But what I especially love is to make dried apple rings.
I get my apples from the local organic farmer, because their apples are not only healthy, they also have the most flavour. After removing the core, I cut the apples into whole rings. The thinner the slices, the crunchier! I put them in water and lemon juice for a few minutes and then thread them onto a string - so that they don't touch! I stretch the strings through the entire living room - high enough so that Kasha cannot reach them. She really likes apple rings! And I enjoy the beautiful scent they give off in the flat.
What rituals do you have in the pre-Christmas season?

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