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Advent calendar
12. December

Follow your nose! Kascha out on her own 

Now where has Sasha taken me again? Everything is smelling and sounding and shining. Scurrying and running and walking about everywhere. Legs, legs, legs - a dog! There! A friend? An enemy? Smells like - a female friend! Sasha! Where is Sasha? I smell her, she is over here - and here, and - sausages. A sausage in the hand. A hand with a child. A child with -if I may lick, you may too - hey! If you can pet me, I can too - to a parent. Grown-ups! A short growl and I make a run for it. Sasha! - This smells like it - and now it's mine. Kasha. What. Here. - And pawing the ground, look left, look right - the air is clear. But no Sasha far and wide. The ground is cold and wet and everything is so loud. Nobody sees me, nobody hears me. Sasha?! It smells like a stable here, like straw, like warm animals. After all when I' m so tired, I lie down - just a little bit - just for a very short while...
Have you guessed where Kasha got lost?

Leave a comment on this page (preferably in German) for a chance to win today's surprise package! Additionally, a Deutsch Online Individual will be raffled among all participants. In participating, you accept the terms and conditions linked below. Have fun and a lovely Advent season with Sasha and Kascha!
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Thank you for Your comments! As most of you guessed right, Kascha got lot on the Christmas market. Check out the next door to see how Sasha finds her again!

We have drawn a winner. Congratulations!
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