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Advent calendar
13. December

Christmas stands, sheep and a dog - or: where is Kascha?

I've lost Kasha! I lost sight of her at the Christmas market amongst all the people and legs because of all the booths and presents and mulled wine and food. At first I wait where I am, but she just doesn't come back. So where could she have gone - because I know she is waiting for me somewhere. I search the entire Christmas market for her. In the end I end up sad and exhausted with the sheep. I feel cold and the animals give me some comfort. I can imagine that being crammed into the midst of the Christmas market turmoil all day is not so nice for them. But many people think a nativity scene is part of Christmas. Feeling a bit giddy and feverish, I hear some rustling - and who sticks her head out of the straw? Also quite worn-out and exhausted: Kasha! Instead of going to the Fridays for Future demo, we'd both rather go home today - we have to take care of our own health as well!
Have you ever been to a Christmas market? Do you know any specialties there?

Leave a comment on this page (preferably in German) for a chance to win today's surprise package! Additionally, a Deutsch Online Individual will be raffled among all participants. In participating, you accept the terms and conditions linked below. Have fun and a lovely Advent season with Sasha and Kascha!
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