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Advent calendar
18. December

Fir or rubber-tree?

Wednesdays are my day for watering my houseplants, because I've read that regularity is good for them - and I won't forget it so easily either, because for me Wednesday is Plant Day. I also take care of the other plants in our shared flat, and my flatmates say I have a green thumb. This means that I can handle plants well and they grow well under my care. While watering the plants, I suddenly feel like getting a Christmas tree for our shared flat. Did you know that you can rent a Christmas tree instead of buying one?

However, my housemate suggests decorating the rubber tree instead. A tree made of rubber? That doesn't sound sustainable! Laughing she enlightens me: The tree isn't made of rubber, but natural rubber can be extracted from it - that's how it got its name. And it is already standing in our corner of the room. We quickly unpack the Christmas decorations that were already in the flat and hang up our homemade ones made from nuts and fir cones. And Kasha, as always, doesn't help with tidying up, but with hiding - whatever!
What Christmas tree alternatives do you know and use?

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