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Advent calendar
22. December

Sasha's ecological footprint

The beauty of Christmas for me is that even when I'm in Germany and not with my family in Ukraine, I feel included. And I also try to include my family in my life in Germany. Today I talked to my great-aunt, my Tyotja, on the phone. She lives in Ukraine and is widowed. When I told her that I was trying to celebrate my Christmas sustainably, we laughed a lot.

Although she doesn't think much about it, her ecological footprint is much smaller than mine. She lives largely on the fruit and vegetables she grows in her garden. She also makes preserves from the leftovers and stores them in the cellar. This means she produces very little trash - and throws away very little. She mends old clothes and repairs defective appliances. On the phone it all sounds very easy and almost idyllic - but I know that she has worked very hard all her life. And I know myself - such a frugal life would not be for me. But maybe there’s a compromise?

Check out the link below to find Granny Trude's tips and tricks.
What would be an ideal life for you - natural and simple?

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