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Advent calendar
23. December

Sasha's double christmas - with raclette, without food waste

The final Christmas purchases must be made! I will spend the Christmas days with my au pair family. Since Christmas is celebrated later in Ukraine, I will not go home until after the Christmas holidays in Germany. That means it’s Christmas twice this year for me! With my au pair family we do raclette - because this way everyone can put together what they want on their plate and we can satisfy all tastes, wishes and needs. One less cause for arguments! People can eat meat if they want to eat meat and vegetarian or vegan if they want to eat vegetarian or vegan. Besides, we can use up leftovers from the first time over the first and second Christmas days - I think that especially on Christmas no food should be thrown away.
I have also prepared a dessert: Kutja. This is a sweet cereal dish made from wheatberries, honey, nuts, poppies and raisins, which is served every year at my home on Christmas, 6 January. Because although I feel very much at home in Germany, I of course need and keep my connection to Ukrainian culture and my family. For me, Christmas also means bringing people and their traditions together and connecting them with something new - and making it a celebration! Also Kasha is already very excited, going totally bonkers - time for that promised extra-long walk before the big day...

Do you have a special Christmas or winter ritual with your friends or family?

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