Advent Calendar 6 december 2017

Popcast © Goethe-Institut | Illustration: DOON 東

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The Popcast presents freshly-released music from Germany at the beginning of each month – whether rock, pop, hip hop or electro. We’ve gone through the archives for today’s little question: the author of the December 2016 Popcast, Angie Portmann, showcased music by The Notwist and Friends of Gas, among others. And that Popcast opens with a song that suits the pre-Christmas season. 


Post your answer below in the comment box. We’ll pick a lucky winner from among all the comments submitted. Good luck and Happy Advent!

You voted and told us your favourite songs for the cold months ahead. From all your comments, we have created a playlist on spotify, featuring your most loved Christmas songs.  

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We hope you'll have some more fun with us over the next few days until Christmas and that you will have a wonderful advent time.