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Acts of Life
Showcase Singapore

What role does historical, traditional or indigenous knowledge of nature and culture play in the future of the world making and acts of life in general? How have digital technologies and internet culture shaped contemporary interpretation and translation of the nature/culture complex in the arts?

Nature and Urbanity: Acts of Life seeks to explore the relationship between environments and humankind in times of rapid urbanization and digitalization. 16 artists, writers and theorists from the region and Germany were selected by a team of curators to participate in a month-long residency in Manila and Singapore. They underwent a rigorous line-up of site visits, tours, workshops and public lectures led by esteemed scholars, artists and practitioners across diverse fields, in tune with the programme’s thematic focus on exploring the entanglements between nature and culture, art and technology.
After the residency in November 2018, we have invited the residents back to Singapore to showcase findings and ideas that have developed through this exchange. Over the course of two days, selected works-in-progress will be presented in an open studio with live activations and public programmes at NTU CCA Singapore. We will witness the collaboration between two residents, Ida Roscher (Germany) and Jayson Jimenez (Philippines) borne out of the residency, in an interventionist lecture-performance, Black Swans, Butterflies and Elephants (2019). Through the metaphorical use of these animals, they will explore the different modes of governance towards urban futures and risk models. Based on her time here in Singapore, resident Phuong Phan (Vietnam) extends from her research interest and questions the specificity and transferability of the Singaporean architectural paradigm in a panel discussion with scholars and architects. Through a workshop titled Sensing the World, Buen Calubayan (Philippines) invites participants to create their own visual research patterns while experiencing different world views with body exercises.
Residents showcasing in Singapore include:
Buen Calubayan (Philippines)
Charmaine Koh (Singapore)
Ida Roscher (Germany)
Jayson C. Jimenez (Philippines)
Stanya Kahn (USA)
Miljohn Ruperto (Philippines)
Phuong Phan (Vietnam)
Roopesh Sitharan (Malaysia)
Tromarama (Indonesia)

Event Programme

25 January 2019, 7–11pm
26 January 2019, 2–7pm
Venue: Block 38 Malan Road #01-05
With Buen Calubayan (Philippines), Jayson C. Jimenez (Philippines), Stanya Kahn (United States), Miljohn Ruperto, (Philippines), Charmaine Koh (Singapore), Ida Roscher (Germany), Roopesh Sitharan (Malaysia), Tromarama (Indonesia)
In parallel with the NTU CCA Residencies Open Studio


25 January 2019, 9–10pm
Black Swans, Butterflies and Elephants
Lecture performance by Jayson C. Jimenez and Ida Roscher
Venue: Block 38 Malan Road #01-05


26 January 2019, 2–3pm
Go Green or Nature Sells?
With Phuong Phan, Vietnam, and guests, with reference to Quadra Medicinale Singapore by Jef Geys
Venue: Block 43 Malan Road, Exhibition Hall


26 January 2019, 4–6pm
Sensing the World
By Buen Calubayan in collaboration with Deo Briones, musician and facilitator, Philippines
Venue: Block 43 Malan Road, Seminar Room

For more information, please visit NTU CCA.

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