​Grace Samboh

Grace Samboh © Grace Samboh Grace Samboh questions too many things at once, so she does curatorial work as well as groundwork research. She is interested in unraveling how social realities, relationships, and the past inform various contemporary practices. Constantly in search of what comprises curatorial work within her surrounding scene, she believes that curating is about understanding and making at the same time. Currently undertaking a doctoral program at Arts and Society Studies, Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta, she is an avid fan of the Jatiwangi Cup—an annual bodybuilding competition for roof tile factory workers (since 2015), the program director for RUBANAH Underground Hub, Jakarta (since 2019), and she is a member of the Jakarta Biennale 2021 curatorial team.

Website: sambohgrace.wordpress.com
Instagram: instagram.com/gracesamboh
Facebook: facebook.com/grace.samboh

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