Exhibition: ERRATA - Goethe-Institut


MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum
© MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum

30.07 - 3.11.2021

MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum / Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai

Curated by Gridthiya Gaweewong with Anna-Catharina Gebbers, Grace Samboh, June Yap

In this exhibition at MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum, ERRATA[1] is not about fixing errors in Thai art history, nor the public museum collection, but refers to the private collection of MAIIAM, which in itself, manifests errata of local modern and contemporary art history. Using an alternate perspective, ERRATA explores the regional networks and women artists’ approaches to performance art, photography and media arts. The show deals with contested narratives, fabricated and counter histories from the colonial period to Cold War politics. It investigates the relationship between Joseph Beuys’s social sculpture and its resonance with Southeast Asian performance arts such as Chiang Mai Social Installation and regional artist collectives. How is this kind of performance relevant to current civil dissidence, and how has it been appropriated by the public performances? 

[1] Errata resonates with contemporary art exhibition history in Singapore, which fixed the errors in the first exhibition catalog of the Singapore Art Museum in 1995.