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About us

The Cultural Management Academy is a post-graduate program for cultural management aiming at capacity building and stimulating exchange and collaboration in the Balkans and South-Eastern Europe.


CMA 2017 impression Alexander Donchev / Goethe-Institut History

The CMA started as a project by the Sofia Development Association in cooperation with the Sofia University „St. Kliment Ohridski“ in 2014 as part of the city´s application for the title European Capital of Culture. The main goal of the project is to build capacity and to increase the competences of the cultural operators in Sofia and the region regarding the challenges of a large-scale initiative that the European Capital of Culture is.
In 2015 the Goethe-Institut got involved in the project and the scope of the CMA was extended - there were participants from all around Bulgaria and lecturers from Germany, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Poland, Austria and France.
So far the CMA has included lectures, workshops and seminars, additional (public) events and discussions, network meetings and learning journeys abroad.
Partners of the CMA are the international cultural institutes from the EUNIC cluster which gives a strong international dimension of the program.

In 2017 the CMA had three branches – in Sofia, Thessaloniki and Bucharest. In 2018 the branches are four – in Sofia, Thessaloniki, Bucharest and Sarajevo. The CMA is organized by the local Goethe-Instituts. In 2017 the CMA started also the CMA Project Fund which gives a funding opportunity for collaborative projects by the participants in the Adacemy.


The CMA aims at stimulating entrepreneurship and innovation in the cultural sector. It supports the application of new models, working methods and best practices in order to enrich the local cultural life and landscape.

The educational program targets representatives of independent organisations, municipal and national cultural institutions as well as freelance managers. This also defines one of the main goals of the program – to stimulate the exchange between independent and public organisations.

The ACM aims at capacity building and increasing competencies of cultural managers in order to support them in their activities for organizing events and managing cultural organisations in the dynamic and vastly changing cultural context in Europe.

Another goals of the CMA is to encourage the exchange of know-how and good practices and international collaboration – especially in the Balkan region, Central and Eastern Europe.


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